Something New…

To all of you who are watching: Hi internet strangers and potential internet amigos.

This would probably be a great time to give the entire world details pertaining to my personal life.  But I’m young, and while I am knowledgeable, I would prefer not to share too much about me.  I’ll give a few vague details of my life, though.  I am a teenager, I go to a public school, and I like mousse cake.  Yum.

I decided that I would start this as a little side project.  I will very much so attempt to produce a blog post about every week.  I can’t make any promises, though.  I am a student, after all, and I do not want, nor will I let, my grades suffer for the sake of this blog.

Wow.  Reading back on that last paragraph has made me see that I may very well be attempting to emulate folks in the YouTube community.  Well, if I lead myself down that road, I’ll be happy.  If blogging doesn’t pan out to that level, I at least know that I am getting my thoughts out.

I bet that if I go back to school on Tuesday, my English teacher would be excited for me and would want to see where this pans out.

Should I tell him?  Or should I remain entirely anonymous?


PS—  Just in case I piqued your interest, KM are not the actual set of initials that I possess.