Rolling in the Deep

We had an earthquake this morning. It reminded me of “Rolling in the Deep” my Adele.  I encourage you to watch the video before proceeding with the blog post.  I’ll wait.

Done?  No?  Okay then, I’ll wait some more.

Are you done now?  Cool!

Six feet tall.  Two hundred pounds.  Snuggly sleeping the night away upon a queen sized mattress.  Soft music playing from the Spotify app on your phone.  A bottle of water perched on the adjacent bedside table.

1:30 AM.  Shaky, shaky, eggs and bakey.  The earthquake began.  Starting calm, I remained in a state of slumber.  As the shaking became more intense, and I remained asleep, my water bottle was knocked on its side.  I was awoken and realized that the earth was shaking.  No matter, I thought.  This is Alaska.  That is a normal occurrence.  I covered my head with my pillow, as you should if you are in bed during an earthquake.

That’s is when things started to get intense.  The shaking began to get rather intense.  Then, something that I have never experienced during an earthquake, the queen-sized bed began to bob up down; the earthquake was rolling deep underground.

I yanked my phone from its location on my bedside table and proceeded to frantically text my grandmother.  Once the shaking had subsided to a light bobbing, I got up and ran out of my room to the living room, where I was received by my mother, who had also been jostled awake due to the shaking.  There we were able to retrieve the preliminary magnitude of the quake: 6.4.  I have felt my fair share of shakers, and this was by far the largest quake I have ever felt.

After escaping the adrenaline high, I was able to return to sleep.  When I managed to awaken in the morning, the magnitude had been revised to a 7.1 magnitude earthquake.  Several homes in the borough to my south had to be evacuated due to a gas leak; four of those homes destroyed due to fire.

I encourage those who have chosen to view this blog post to take time out of your day to prepare for any earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or freak blizzard that is in your future, because it is not a matter of if, but when.

If you are curious, I have links below to various resources about this morning’s earthquake, and all earthquakes in general.


USGS Incident Report

KTUU Photo Gallery

ADN Photo Gallery


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